For years, the beauty industry tended to exclude women of colour, making it near impossible for black women to find representation and self-expression through makeup. But thanks to beauty activists and challenger brands who called out this exclusion not just for black women but for all skin tones and we can finally say the industry is undergoing its own makeover. With this change is the welcome rise of new inclusive beauty and cosmetic brands with expansive product offerings catering to skin tones and shades that have been left out for so long.

25-year-old Keisha Renaud is one such challenger individual who through her inclusive brand MelaBeauty is catering to melanin-rich skin tones. MelaBeauty has a unique offering, it is a skincare and wellness brand combining natural and organic skincare remedies with aromatic mind, body and soul therapies. They believe it’s not just skincare, it’s soul care. What’s better than a brand that not only ensures you have healthy glowing skin but also caters to your emotional and mental wellbeing? Absolutely nothing! I caught up with the audacious woman behind the brand and she shared with me the inspirational story that led to the birth of her brand. Here’s what she told me:

“The business idea came to me after coming to a bit of a ‘quarter-life crisis’ after finishing university in 2017. I graduated from Brunel University in 2016 with a degree in Business. I had not done as well as I hoped in my studies due to personal issues I had going on in my family. Having had excellent grades up to that point, I took the blow quite heavy and really started contemplating what I would do with my life. I started looking into developing spiritual practices. I also invested in self-care, meditation and praying. I felt myself getting better and one day I prayed before going to sleep and I woke up with a full fledged vision of what I wanted my business to be. I myself suffered from skin issues and my self-confidence was low because of it. I wanted to create MelaBeauty (called Mela Cosmetics when the idea first came to me) to help black skin tone which is overlooked in the market. I also wanted my products to infuse the spiritual practices I had discovered on my self-love journey and I wanted to make people feel good about themselves. I had it mapped out from the business name to the products! I then invested in a 2-year skincare course in 2018 where I achieved my Diploma in organic skincare formulation from Formula Botanica Skincare School in 2020. I officially launched MelaBeauty on January 25th 2021. I created this brand for women like myself who feel left out and not included in the current beauty market. Women who feel like nothing in the market works for them and who want more natural solutions to their skin issues. I want my customers to know that they’re not alone in not finding representation in the market, I felt it too! I don’t want them to only feel represented but to also feel celebrated. MelaBeauty’s products will really work to give the skin glowing results whilst also boosting emotional and mental health.”


True to her words, Keisha has successfully built her brand to not just cater for melanin skin but also for overall well being. Studies have shown that aromatherapy products such as scented candles can help you feel calm, relieve stress, anxiety and depression. The brand currently has an inclusive product range of skincare products and scented candles. Here are our top product picks from the brand and all the details you need to know:

  • MelaSkin – Body Butter: This rich and smooth body cream instantly melts on the skin to deeply moisturise even the driest skin. Enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and aromatic vanilla, this body butter will leave your skin supple, glowing and smelling divine.

  • New Skin Who Dis – Face serum: This facial serum is specially designed for oily and acne-prone skin. Its key ingredients jojoba oil, tamanu oil and frankincense oil help ease a lot of skin issues including acne and hyperpigmentation.

  • Mist Me Wit it – Face toner: Think of this face toner like a drink for your skin. It freshens, brightens and tones the skin whilst leaving it glowing and moisturised. This toner is perfect for acne-prone and acne-scarred skin. The key ingredients neroli, aloe vera, lemon oil and sea salt have a range of beneficial, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which support the skin in a gentle and natural way.

  • Bright & Face Tea – Face steaming herbs: This is a special facial steam pack that guarantees the best results for your face. This pack has10 Face Tea steaming bags. Use weekly/bi-weekly for best results! Key ingredients are chamomile, jasmine and rose

  • Cocoa Rose – Scented candle: Made using a specially blended coconut and rapeseed wax mix, this candle is one for the senses! This natural wax is mixed with our bespoke cocoa rose fragrance which features notes of chocolate, rose and musky vanilla. A definite must-try!

Keisha hopes in the near future to build her brand to a point where MelaBeauty becomes synonymous with skincare. She also plans to expand her current product offerings into distinct skincare, body care and wellness sections with multiple product options in each section. Her ultimate goal however is to create a MelaBeauty Spa, using all MelaBeauty products of course.  “That would be a great way to build the self-care element of my business and what better way to make people feel good than by going to a spa,” she says. With the way things are so far, we are confident we’ll be seeing all this much sooner than later!

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