The presence of African designers in the fashion world is growing by the day. We find more Africans unveiling unique styles on the continent that deserves all the accolades.

But Should we depend on African designs to serve us more of such masterpieces and ignore the imports from other fashion houses in the world? Well, that’s really up to you! While some want to look good in contemporary African prints, others prefer the old school styles that are still African. There is that third party that doesn’t want anything to do with African style, rather, the European, American or even Asian styles does it for them.

Meanwhile, Nigerian fashion label Marobuk serves the market with exquisite men designs that will grab your fashion sense and make it hard for you to look at other alternatives. Coming from the label is its 2018 collection solely inspired by African prints.

The label combines class and modern style to make hoods, shorts, harem pants, ripple jeans, etc. all made with African prints.

See the new collection. Is African print fashion the way forward? sound-off in the comment box below:


Designer: @marobuk

Creative: @iam_kurs

Photography: @deladee_edison

Models: @damolacruz @god_kingpriest

Stylist: @jowysfashionconsulting

Hair and Makeup: @bjayblaq


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