While we were patiently waiting for November to arrive for us to have the first feel of Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ Mémoire, the book which is a written document of the life of the Former First Lady of United States of America, became the talk of the world after she made the announcement of its release this year.

It looks like we have to cut short our wait as she has started sharing photos that will appear in the yet-to-be-released book. The first photo sees her with her parents (Fraser and Marian), she goes on to explain the values thoughts her by them.

She took everyone back to 1980 during her days in college but the newly shared photo which happens to be the third one is blowing everyone’s mind away. The photo was taken during the wedding ceremony between her and President Barack Obama.

We are as happy as you and we will be keeping tabs on her page to bring you more before the release of the Mémoire. See the photos below:


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