Never wait for people to give you a confirmation before you take a step that will benefit you for life. Make your own decisions, stand by it and leave the rest to baba God✌🏾

When she’s not ripping the covers your favorite magazines, she’s definitely having the time of her life. The Wilhelmina model is currently on a getaway in Santorini, we do not know if she’s got company. We are not blind to the sexiness she’s oozing as she puts her frame on display, in chic bikinis from the likes of Wana Sambo.

What do you think about of a one man getaway? I know could be therapeutic for some, a time to think and revel alone but then.., what do you say people?

Thank you Santorini, you have been more than amazing😘💞 #santorini #santorinigreece #bliss #willdoitalloveragain

💞If you know me, you know I love pictures💞

My fav part of the day😍

I do apologise for bombarding your timeline. #santorini

Not everyday weave😁😁😁 my fro is just perfect!💓 #santorini

My holiday bag is never complete without a bit of @wanasambo 😍 #wanasambowoman all day #everyday


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