The 1st edition of Mr & Miss Teen Ghana UK, a nonprofit organisation with the central theme of youth empowerment and encouragement on young businesses, dedicated to both young teenage males and females aged between 14-19 years old. The event is set to take place on Saturday 21st October at the Sanctuary in London

Teen Ghana UK is a youth initiative program that inspires, motivates and educates young teenagers, adapting confidence in the individual and allowing them to embrace self-confidence for the big transition into the new stages of their lives as brand ambassadors for Teen Ghana UK.

The winners are committed to promoting Ghana’s culture in the UK by creating a platform for young people to have a voice. Most importantly the two winners (Mr & Miss Teen Ghana UK 2017) will focus on their individual business idea for a year, working closely with industry links, sponsors and mentors to ensure their ideas are well executed.

Tamara Asantewaah Akotuah, CEO of Teen Ghana UK states “We encourage and nurture one’s true potential and use it effectively. Our current focus is on youths and their personal, educational and career development. It is our priority to work closely with our youths and use Mr & Miss Teen Ghana UK as a form of impacting the world; we hope to create a franchise. ”

Teen Ghana UK is endorsed by the Ghana High Commission To United Kingdom

Together with a team that consists of industry experts and passionate volunteers; Teen Ghana UK will present an unforgettable night for all and ensuring all contestants achieve something great at the end resulting to the new young ambassadors (Mr & Miss Teen Ghana UK 2017)