British diva, Naomi Campbell graced the cover of last week’s London’s Evening Standard Magazine (ES Magazine). I remember when she covered London’s Stylist magazine earlier this year, the writer mentioned the fact that Naomi was late, and every inch a diva.

It has been almost a year since then, and reading through he ES Magazine feature, no doubt she was “unapologetically” late for the interview, but this time the interviewer sensed that she was happier. When asked, she said “‘I wasn’t always happy. I’m happy now. What has made me so happy is just accepting life on life’s terms, trying not to control everything, going with the flow, doing what I want to do. That’s what’s important.”

The Naomi we all know has in the last few years been accused of various violent acts against assistants, employees, police officers. Do you remember when she turned up in a Dolce and Gabbana gown to sweep the streets for her court-mandated community service? What about when she spat at police officers at Heathrow and was subsequently banned for five years by British Airways o when she hit paparazzo Gaetano Di Giovanni with her handbag in 2009?

Well it seems we will no longer see that side of Naomi now that she is in her 40s. You can read the full interview HERE




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