It’s that time again when the eye of the globe is fixated on fashion weeks from around the world and one that constantly stands out from the rest is the infamous Paris Fashion Week.

Formally created as an avenue for brands to showcase their artistic creativity to the fashion world, buyers and investors, the event has remained on calendars of the rich, famous and enthusiastic for decades.

One who we can place on the top of each category is one of the world’s most famous runway goddesses: Naomi Campbell. Campbell came to this year’s Paris Fashion Week, ready to take over with a wardrobe full of elegance, charm and extraveganza that reminds us of the Netflix series, POSE.

Every time she changed styles, we almost dramatically fainted the that would guarantee a full round of 10’s from Prey-Tell’s judging panel!

Don’t believe us? Well we’ve got the gallery to prove it! (Click image to zoom)


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