Have you ever considered that there are products marketed to us that are not safe for us? Especially when it comes to our body and skin care.

Keeping our health as priority, now more than ever is the best time to eliminate products which are not healthy or made with ingredients that may likely cause harm over a period of time.

As the saying goes, out with the old, in with the new. Whilst trashing harmful products, what healthy alternatives do we have? Especially now that winter is coming, ashy look is a no no.
Allow us to introduce you to Zuribliss​, ​ a natural holistic brand. The name Zuri means beautiful in Swahili paired with the word bliss. Zuribliss aims to provide a beautiful blissful experience through their natural products & treatments to all clients and customers.
They currently have a range of natural, cruelty free tailor made products starting with a lip-kit (lip balm & lip Scrub), to body bliss oil paired with cinnamon & vanilla pink body crush scrub, all handmade with blissful love.
Speaking to the founder, she said,
“We came up with our range of natural products because we really wanted to get people thinking about the products they use on their skin everyday. Our mission is to inspire people globally to go natural with their skincare! One great unique selling point with Zuribliss is we use mostly natural products & ingredients in all our treatments. We pride ourselves on using products that are healthy enough to eat”.
Here are some testimonials from women who have tried Zuribliss;
That lip-kit works wonders! I used to have rough patches along the lines of my lips & couldn’t figure it out but that lip scrub after two uses got rid of it nicely, good looking out!! – Vanessa
I’ve struggled with dry lips for years carmex & Vaseline doesn’t come close to Zuribliss lip balms. – Vivenne
Start a new journey to blissful skincare, shop at zuribliss.bigcartel.com
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