Here is a new mini series we are sure you would love. It follows the lives of a young, clueless, newlyweds, focusing on the the first year journey as a married couple. In season 1, we see Dede (Chiagoziem Nwakanma). and Tomide (Kenyan actor Nick Mutuma) adjust to living together, dealing with friends and handling a whole lot of couple drama.

It also stars Stan Nze, Bimbo Ademoye, Bukola Oladipupo, Teni Aladese and Chisom Ofor, with Olumide Oworu, Joyce Maina, Linda Osifo, Ben Touitou, Kunle Coker, Tosan ugbeye, Asa’ah Samuel, as exciting Guest Stars.

“This Is It” S01E01-Honeymoon Crashers

This Is It S01E02- “A Kerry Cherry Day”

This Is It S01E03- “Third Base Brouhaha”

This Is It- S01E04 “Back Off Umar”

This Is It S01E05 “Guy Code”

This Is It S01E06 “Clash Of The Muendas”

This Is It S01E07- “The Baby Issue”

This Is It S01E08 “The Peacemakers”

This Is It- S01E09 “Triple Threat”

This Is It- S01E10 “Changes”- Grand Finale


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