Africans have become confident in styling themselves with prints made in the motherland most notably and leading this evolution in fashion is our celebrities, some are now more addicted to African prints and in some countries on the continent, there are days dedicated strictly to wearing clothes designed with materials from Africa.

It is such a joy to see this day finally come to stay, when few years ago many Africans couldn’t wear made in Africa stuff for the reason of been branded cheap and laughed at.

Nigerian musician, Kcee – “Limpopo” is seriously embracing this unique and creative styles that African designers are bringing on board, he went for an all blue polish cotton dress, he added a slipper made of that same colour but with a touch of white which is also a hidden colour in the cotton. To add more flair to the style, the designer placed a red flower across his chest for different colour projection, Kcee added swag to it with a gold-colored watch and an ash-grey coloured hat.

He is definitely our weekend African fashion inspiration, you might actually want to try this style next time you visit your tailor or designer for something new for your weekend outing.

Check out his look below and leave a comment:

Image Source: iam_kcee / Instagram

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