Judging from the recent appearance on Davido’s hit single #If, there is no denying that South African Performer and Model, Nqobile Danseur, is amazing. When you consider that the top African dancer also is a singer and an actress, it’s pretty clear that she is invincible.

Her journey to success has been nothing short of amazing!  She has worked with top international stars including Drake, Wizkid, Rihanna at the BRIT Awards, e.t.c. And while her banging bod is hard to overlook, we are drawn to her down-to-earth, stylish, and inspiring persona. We were super delighted to announce her as GLAM AFRICA’s celebrity feature for Day 3 of #12daysof glam, our 12 days of Christmas giveaway contest courtesy of ORS Hair Care South Africa.

In this interview, Nqobile shares her experience working with top international celebrities and dishes on the challenges she has had to overcome so far in her journey as well as her biggest achievements this year. She also reveals her plans for 2018.

Did you ever imagine you’d be a popular dancer?

N: Ahaha! I’ve always loved and been so passionate about performing, dancing being at the forefront of that. I definitely imagined myself doing what I do now but the experiences and opportunities have been beyond my imagination. I’m grateful for the ongoing support.

You now do more solo work outside CEO Dancers, What inspired the move? How confident do you feel working solo?

N: Dancing will always be a passion of mine, and being in a group has been an awesome journey and my training ground. However, there are also other aspects of Nqobilé as an all-round performer and now more than ever I feel ready to show that, that’s been the drive and inspiration for me to show that to my fans. I’m very excited and feeling good about my solo venture absolutely. People can finally get to know me for me.

What inspired ‘You.nicorn’? How does the You.nicorn movement help to empower people?

N: I’ve always been seen as the “weird girl” or the “different” one and I used to take that negatively especially being in a dance group of women for so many years. We’ve been compared to each other a lot and at times I used to get insecure about my differences or things about me that aren’t “normal”. In 2015, I was on a personal growth journey. I started to embrace my quirkiness and fall in love with my weirdness. I got super inspired to do something about this, celebrate others who like me had their own unique weirdness. I decided to create a platform to celebrate and encourage others to embrace their originality & individuality with no limits. I just love it and get super excited when I see people being their true selves. It truly gives me joy and I’ve realised you attract amazing things and people when you’re being your true authentic self.

You have worked with a lot of the African big names and USA  celebrities -you recently toured with rapper Drake for the Summer Sixteen Tour, what has the experience been like?

N: Oh boy, it’s been an awesome journey. God is good! The Summer Sixteen Tour has been the best life experience so far in so many ways. I still draw inspiration daily from the memories and moments I lived. That entire experience is the juice, the boost I needed for this next stage of my life. I truly experienced the term “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE” and my life will never be the same.

What are some of the obstacles you’ve faced and how have you overcome them?

N: Some people’s perceptions of me. It’s quite sad that some people aren’t forward minded, they can judge somebody just from what they wear, like seriously? I could be at the beach wearing a thong bikini and living my best life and from that some people quickly label you. Haha, imagine. I’m such a carefree free spirit and always will be! I enjoy expressing myself through my hair and outfits which can be daring at times. From that, some close-minded people can create their own negative image of you and run with it even in blogs. At this point of my life I’m super happy and at peace with ME and so anything negative has no room here. So I do not entertain such. The truth is whether you do good or “bad”, some people will never be happy and will always have something to say.

What advice would you give to upcoming dancers especially those with African parents who insist they go to school or go get a job a white collar job instead of following their dancing careers?

N: Always be respectful to your parents, remember they are old-school they might not see things the way our generation does. At the same time, never let that burning passion you have for something be dimmed by anybody. Follow your dreams at any cost!!! You don’t want to be the person with “what ifs” or “I wish I did this”. For me, I was very clear with my mom what I wanted and that I was gonna do it and at first it was hard for her to understand of course but eventually she came around and she’s my number 1 fan. Be patient with your parents or guardians they want what’s best for you but at the same time ONLY YOU know the gift and dream God has placed in your heart. Follow that always.

What were your two biggest achievements this year and why do you consider them as such?

N: My recent feature on ELLE South Africa magazine, which was mega huge for me because one of my goals this year was to be featured in a mainstream magazine. Also, starring in Davido’s IF music video not as dancer but as a love interest acting which is another passion of mine. That was major for me absolutely.

What’s the next step for Nqobilé Danseur in 2018?

N :I have so much exciting stuff in line for 2018. I’ve been working on a project that I’m super excited to finally share early in the year. Thank you to those who’ve followed my journey, especially my loyal fans who’ve been with me since 2010. I’m so grateful and love you all. In 2018, buckle up it’s about to be an amazing ride and I feel it’s going to the best year of my life. We’re taking it up a notch.

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