Who is Maps Maponyane you ask?

Maps Maponye is an outgoing, ambitious, unconventional, and weird entrepreneurial creative that happens to work in fashion, media and entertainment. He is one of South Africa’s rising stars and Glam Africa was fortunate enough to interview him.


How does it feel coming from a home where your father is a football legend?

It feels great in a sense that I was exposed to a lot of lessons which I learnt subconsciously purely from my surroundings, but despite that it was quite normal for me as I simply saw him as ‘dad’ and couldn’t understand all the hype around him. I actually used to think he was just a popular guy in school and that’s why people kept greeting him. But typically it should come with its pressures, however I was fortunate that pressure never came from my folks.

Being GQ’s best dressed man and Cosmopolitan sexiest man, how does that get to you?

It doesn’t. As soon as it does ciprobuyonline.org/cipro-price.html then I’ve lost my focus.

Your first movie, made 1 million rands in 5 weeks. Do you see yourself headed for Hollywood anytime soon?

I think it was about a week or 2… You never know, but I certainly wouldn’t complain if the opportunity presented itself. There’s no doubt there’s still A LOT of work that needs to be done before any of that happens.

What drives you and what is your passion?

My ambition, willingness to work, and constant striving to be better drives. My passion is creating, challenging the way people think or see things and learning.

Who are you currently dating and any wedding bells soon?

Haha, no comment to the first part of that question and probably not to the second part.

Quick fire questions

Favourite colour?


Best Music?

Underground hip-hop

Favourite place to travel to?

New York

Briefs or Boxers?



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AUTHOR: Dadawele Mniki (Online Writer)

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