In previous years, beauty companies have almost exclusively subscribed to Eurocentric beauty standards, sustaining the long-held notion that darker skin tones don’t need access to beauty products that make them feel confident and happy in their own skin. But it was Barack Obama who opined, “change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek”. His words ring loud and true for 20-year-old pre-med student and beauty entrepreneur Sierra Flynn, the founder of Love in May Beauty.

Love in May is an affordable, organic skincare line with solution-focused products to help women of color love themselves and create habits that make them feel like the main character in their own movies. During my quick chat with the ambitious Gen Z founder, she told me about the experiences that led to the birth of her brand, and her significant contributions in correcting the narrative, as it relates to standards in the beauty industry. Here’s what she told me:

“When I was younger, I fell in love with makeup and beauty, but as I got older, my interests shifted to skincare and promoting natural beauty. The inspiration behind my business was the beauty standards and portrayal of beauty on social media. It is very Eurocentric and focused on perfection. My business promotes loving yourself not for what you look like, but for who you are. I think everyone is unique in their own way, so having a beauty standard is not inclusive, especially for people of color. Everyone is their own beauty standard, so a lot more people should embrace it.”

True to her passion, Sierra has since then grown her business to become an affordable organic skincare line with great products that moisturize, cure acne, brighten dull skin and fade dark spots. We are convinced Love In May has something your skincare routine needs. Here are the amazing products from the brand and all you need to know about them:

  •  Purity Cloud Cleanser: Formulated with purely natural ingredients such as Turmeric, known for healing wounds, acne scars, plus its full of antioxidants that add a natural glow, Frankincense Oil, for treating dry and inflamed skin, and slows the appearance of ageing and finally Aloe Vera Juice known for moisturizing dry skin, and treating acne, this cleanser is truly a must-have! It diminishes oil and dirt from your skin while also fading discoloration and acne scars. The best part? It works for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Start your routine with a purifying cleanse, and cleanse your skin with beautiful clouds of joy!

Passionate Toner:  Revitalize your skin and even out your complexion with this exfoliating toner made with a blend of AHA’s and fruit extracts to renew your skin and reveal a brand-new layer of smooth, bouncy skin. The key ingredient, passionflower extract, helps in moisturizing your skin, protecting it against UV rays and pollution, and calming irritated skin. This toner also comes with an ultra-fine spray to softly mist your clean skin!

  •  Divine Rose Facial Oil:  This divinely refreshing facial oil is specially formulated to cure acne, moisturize, brighten dull skin, slow down ageing, and lighten discoloration. It is guaranteed to soothe inflammation and clear acne within days of using! Brightened skin and faded dark marks can appear within two weeks of using this product, it is a best seller! Key ingredients include grapeseed oil, for treating troublesome acne while soothing irritated and inflamed skin.  Avocado oil, known for collagen production and moisturizing dry skin and Vitamin E oil, best known for its anti-ageing properties.

Sierra hopes in the near future to grow her business to not only become a go-to for great products but an inclusive welcoming community where everyone is constantly reminded that they are beautiful in their own way. She also plans to expand her current product range and keep growing the business to be a community that promotes a healthy self-image.

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