The idea of beauty is always shifting. Today, it is more inclusive than ever. We applaud brands who are passionate about giving a voice to minority groups who were otherwise not previously represented in the beauty market.

We also acknowledge that the beauty brands we endorse, are a reflection of our values. Thus, we align with brands that empower the statement ‘We are all beautiful’. On that note, we are happy to introduce you to Canvas Cosmetics, a trendy, sophisticated line of high-quality cosmetics made for women of all personalities, skin tones and skin types.

Canvas Cosmetics isn’t just a makeup brand. It is a community of empowered women.

Their products symbolize glamour, ambition and independence that can be used day-to-night within the multiple roles that women have to play – mothers, wives, bread-earners, founders, entrepreneurs and pure go-getters!


A beauty brand from Kenya to the world, colours are inspired by everything African, from the streets of Nairobi to the world-famous plains of the magical Maasai Mara. The colours represent the rich heritage and a modern movement.

Now you can understand why it’s editor-approved! We love brands that are inclusive, support women, and encourage them to smash glass ceilings whilst looking GLAMorous.

Here are some of our favourites from Canvas Cosmetic:

The Glambition collection

All the looks you need, from warm blend-able daytime tones to smokey eyes to statement glitter eyes or a bold Cobalt blue, this palette’s got you covered. The lightweight, thin sleek feel makes it perfect to carry in your bag.

The Multitasker concealer:

This vegan, hydrating, full-coverage concealer was created for all the demanding roles that women play in a 12-hour day. The instant-brightening formula lets you tackle the day, looking and feeling like your best.
What it Does
  • Smooths and blurs wrinkles and fine lines
  • Corrects Brightens and hydrates under-eyes without cracking.
  • Our special applicator wand uses just enough of product and spreads it onto the skin in an even, smooth, crease-less way. 
  • The applicator is also designed for precise application when contouring the nose or reaching inner corners of the eyes and lower lid.
  • Contains SPF30 to help protect your skin and keep you youthful.

How to Use

Conceal / Correct – Apply concealer on to imperfections, blemishes and tired areas and blend in by dabbing with a soft sponge or brush.

Contour – Contour forehead, jawline, nose and cheekbones using all angles of the applicator depending on choice of thickness. Blend with a sponge or brush.

On The Glow Face Mist

The perfect addition to your daily glow-up is the refreshing, cooling and hydrating Face Mist. Prep and Set your face before or after make-up for the ultimate glow. Inspired by the Orchid, a symbol of perfection, this Face Mist is gentle on your skin yet holds your make-up in place and leaves you feeling refreshed (even if used in skincare routine).

Liquid Matte Lipsticks

All liquid mattes have the highest quality formulas that are long-lasting and moisturizing, as well as a subtly vanilla scent. The liquid matte lipsticks definitely has more than one shade for every woman, especially women of colour.


Canvas Cosmetics assures quality products for every woman. Join their online community @canvas_cosmetics and all products are available at Now shipping in Kenya, UK & UAE

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