Can you imagine anything worse than dealing with skin ailments at a young age, having it affect your self-confidence and the way you define yourself? Feeling odd, different, and lesser than others because you somehow feel betrayed by your body and living with ailments that you have no control over? Such is the story of Cleo Bianca Ravariere, the founder of Mia Lueur Organic Skin Support. But this is not a story of being knocked down, but one of triumph and turning very bitter lemons to sweet thirst-quenching lemonade!

Mia Lueur Organic Skin Support is a plant-based luxury skincare line that empowers men and women to achieve the best skin of their lives. Mia Lueur also educates, inspires, and encourages others to love themselves, irrespective of skin type or color. An exceptional skincare brand with an even more inspiring and spirit-lifting back story, I spoke to the courageous and audacious woman behind the brand, and she shared with me her touching skin testimony of going through and overcoming and helping many others deal with skin issues with her brand products. Here’s what she told me:

“Growing up was a joy, my childhood was nothing short of amazing. However, I suffered from skin ailments when I was two years old, and I dealt with these ailments till I was sixteen. I didn’t have a regular toddler life because of the number of things my skin couldn’t touch. I didn’t have teddy bears, I couldn’t play in the grass, I couldn’t use the fun kiddy bubble baths. I was self-conscious by the age of seven. I felt dirty, I didn’t want to wear shorts or sleeveless clothes. I didn’t want my skin’s discoloration to show. My parents tried everything and spent lots of money at the dermatologist and doctors, but nothing worked. When I was fifteen, my mom and dad decided to figure this out on their own. My dad got aloe leaves from the backyard and rubbed it all over my skin. My mom picked some “glory cedar” leaves in the backyard and would give me baths with the leaves and oatmeal. They would also moisturize my skin with unrefined shea butter and natural oils. My skin started clearing up immediately. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen!
I held on to this testimony and realized I wasn’t the only one who went through this. There are so many who identify with skin issues and do not love themselves or have low self-confidence. I named my skincare line after my cousin Mia who passed away on 03/01/19. Mia suffered from eczema as well, however, she never allowed it to hamper her self-confidence. She was always so confident at all times. I named my brand Mia Lueur intentionally because it means “My Glow”. I want men and women to know that this is a lifestyle. Everyone’s skin ailment is different, and while we are healing our skin, I also want to encourage everyone that we can glow while we grow towards better skin.”

With her brand, Cleo not only provides plant-based products for skin ailments, but also gives free consultations, and guides customers through their skin healing process. All products are PH-tested to ensure that the skin’s acid mantle is not disrupted. If you are dealing with any skin ailment or interested in a safe plant-based luxury skincare, then products from Mia Lueur are definitely for you. All made with unrefined organic ingredients from Egypt, Ghana, Colombia, Pakistan and the Virgin Islands, here are our top four products from the brand that your skincare routine urgently needs:

  • The Luminary Serum: An organic balance of fresh handmade Aloe Vera gel, Vitamin E oil, jojoba oil, 24k gold, distilled water, frankincense essential oil, and the mildest form of Vitamin C, this serum is a glow powerhouse. It brightens the skin, evens out skin tone, fades dark spots, softens, and hydrates the skin. This Serum is pH tested to make sure that it is strong enough and gentle enough to not disrupt the skin’s acid mantle. Customers who have had lifelong issues of hyperpigmentation and uneven skin, have used this serum and saw results in days with faded dark spots and brightened skin.

  • The Skin Renewal Mask: With an organic balance of Unrefined Bentonite Clay, Unrefined Activated Charcoal, and Grounded Egyptian Rose Petals, this mask pulls out all impurities under the dermis and leaves the skin feeling clean, soft, and smooth. This mask is great for all skin types, but especially for those with oily skin. It balances oils, pulls out the excess oils, brightens skin, fades fine lines and wrinkles, and boosts collagen production.

  • The Restoring Toner: This toner is like oxygen to the skin. Organically balanced with Egyptian rose water, Egyptian hibiscus water, vitamin c, and glycerin, it hydrates and resets the skin’s PH after cleansing. A refreshing and hydrating mist, it is great for all skin types and does not strip the skin or dry it out. This toner is especially amazing for those with dry and dehydrated skin.

  • The Emollient Facial Oil: This oil is an organic balance of grapeseed oil, papaya seed oil, and rosehip oil. This oil softens and soothes the skin, whilst healing problematic areas. Some of the benefits of this oil are, it reduces dark circles under the eyes, enhances skin elasticity, boosts collagen, and is a great mixture of non-comedogenic oils (doesn’t clog pores). This oil cleanses the pores instead of clogging the pores. It’s very silky and great for all skin types.

Cleo’s long-term goal for Mia Lueur is to build a foundation grant for young men and women who would love to become estheticians in the name of Mia. She also plans in the near future to expand offline and get her products in major beauty stores like Target, Ulta, and Sephora.

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