Passion 4 Fashion Africa is an annual event which brings together a wide range of talent in order to promote ethical fashion. Sallet Fashion House and partners Adam Group production, New York Fashion Designers Expo and CCWC Network Corps are bringing Passion 4 Fashion Africa to the catwalk in New York this September.

Passion 4 Fashion Africa will also put strong emphasis on the benefits of an ethical approach to fashion. Sallet Fashion House is inviting African Designers, both new and old, to sign up in order to experience this opportunity.


Show Schedule

  • 22nd July, 2015: Open show at the International Models & Talents Association Show (IMTA) platform in New York’s Hilton Hotel, Manhattan East. Giving exposure and media attention to the main shows in September
  • 11th-15th September, 2015: Main Runway Show at the famous Studio 450 Manhattan, New York
  • 22nd-25th September, 2015: Miami Runway and exhibitions, along with a seminar and booths for designers

Registration is absolutely free, see below for designer requirements:

  • A minimum of 2 years in fashion design
  • Collection types
    – Women’s wear
    – Men’s wear
    – Kids wear and accessories
  • A minimum of 15 pieces in the collection
  • Ability to deliver within 60 days when order has been made
  • Contact details
    – Name of designer
    – Name of Brand
    – Website Look book

Contact: or +233 204 644 664 or 07917 063 208 for a UK representative.

Social media: Passion 4 Fashion Africa, Oheemaa

@Passion4FashionA and @oheemaagh.



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