One of the fulfilling things about being blessed abundantly is that there are so many different ways you can choose to share with others in your abundance.

Glamorous actress, model, radio and television personality, Pearl Thusi, shared on Twitter that she would like to give away some of her old textbooks. Text books are really expensive for many people in South Africa and they are a valuable asset long after one gets their qualification. Glam Africa magazine is proud of you Pearl Thusi. This may seem like a small act but to one person out there, this may be the decision that changes the course of their life. The generous actress is still receiving requests and recommendations of how she should go about her desire to give.

It is great to see our celebrities reaching out and helping those that are in need. As it is said, a hand that gives shall receive more. What do you think about celebrities giving to others, is this something that we should expect of celebrities? Should celebrities do more with the platform they have?