Phyno & New Age Have Teamed Up To Release Brand New Earphones
Phyno & New Age Have Teamed Up To Release Brand New Earphones

Phyno has taken a bold business step in music by teaming up with New Age Mobile to release a new set of earphones.

Probably the first of its kind in the Nigerian music industry, where a musician is launching his own earphones. It’s a business move that has been practised by many of the international musicians, who have partnered with major brands to launch their own products for the fans, a typical example is Kanye West and Adidas, Rihanna and LVMH on Fenty, and several others.

Phyno & New Age Have Teamed Up To Release Brand New Earphones
Phyno & New Age Have Teamed Up To Release Brand New Earphones

Phyno broke the news on his social media pages, and subsequently releasing a campaign video on Penthauze Youtube channel. The campaign sees Phyno and other cast using the new earphones which are stylishly made in black and yellow colours.

Watch the full campaign video below:

Fans can now directly be part of the Phyno brand, not just through his music, but also his new brand. He shared a new album, Deal with It on September 4, 2019, through Penthauze with major collaborators like Davido, Olamide, Duncan Mighty, Don Jazzy, the list is endless.

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