Podcasts are almost the new go to blog – if you want to listen to advice on your next career move/business idea or if you just want to nose around to hear what is going on in popular culture and want to hear some peoples funny reactions then podcasts are your new best friend!

What is even better is that you can take them with you anywhere that you go all you need is a pair of earphones and you’re good to go.


On Wednesday’s we listen to … ‘Pink Matter’

Pink Matter podcast is hosted by Jameela & Sarae, fortnightly members of the public send in their life dilemmas for the two ladies to discuss. The host frequently post the dilemma in question on social media for discussion and will often have guests in the building to also speak their 2 pence on the scenario.    Soundcloud.com/thepinkmatter


Uncensored is a weekly unfiltered opinionated podcast hosted by 3 ladies who don’t beat around the bush. They speak on a range of topics such as social media having it’s affect on body image, when friendships go sour etc. Having just released 3 episodes Uncensored focuses on issues that affect the millennial female and gives great tips from three outlooks on life.    Soundcloud.com/uncensoredpoduk


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