Eye-catching embellishments, bows, flared pants, high waist skirts and jackets are some of the pieces you would find in Revamp’s latest collection titled ‘The Tempest’

Creative director of the womenswear brand Peace Owoghiri describes the collection as being inspired by…..

the costume, soul and essence of ‘Miranda’ ( the daughter of ‘Prospero’ in the Shakespearean epic ”The Tempest”) The story is explicitly concerned with its own nature, drawing inspiration from art, beauty, dreams and romance. The setting is fantastic and exotic. The lady encompasses all elements of perfectionism and goodness. Beautiful, elegant and intelligent”


Ladies bet you would love to be all that and a whole lot more. View the vintage inspired collection and share your thoughts.

Revamp-by-Peaceful-Owoghiri-Collection 9 Revamp-by-Peaceful-Owoghiri-Collection 7 Revamp-by-Peaceful-Owoghiri-Collection 6 Revamp-by-Peaceful-Owoghiri-Collection 4 Revamp-by-Peaceful-Owoghiri-Collection 3 Revamp-by-Peaceful-Owoghiri-Collection 5 Revamp-by-Peaceful-Owoghiri-Collection 1 Revamp-by-Peaceful-Owoghiri-Collection9 Revamp-by-Peaceful-Owoghiri-Collection8 Revamp-by-Peaceful-Owoghiri-Collection7 Revamp-by-Peaceful-Owoghiri-Collection6 Revamp-by-Peaceful-Owoghiri-Collection4 Revamp-by-Peaceful-Owoghiri-Collection3 Revamp-by-Peaceful-Owoghiri-Collection2 Revamp-by-Peaceful-Owoghiri-Collection- Revamp-by-Peaceful-Owoghiri-Collection1 Revamp-by-Peaceful-Owoghiri-Collection

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