Lami Exquisite Makeup specialised in providing customers and clients with the very best high quality products with high pigmented options and colour selection. Ranging from dark, neutral to very light, Lami Makeup specialises for all skin types and tones. Lami Makeup which has been featured in magazine publications such as Black Beauty & Hair and Pride Magazine, firstly started off as a boutique in Lagos. “Makeup is all about wellbeing and enhancement” Lami is passionate about making people look and feel great. Our Glam Africa beauty Journalist was luckily enough to be gifted by the lovely brand and we are excited to share our thoughts with all of you.

Cream Foundation


This Foundation is perfect for the on/off hot weather that we are currently having in London. If you are based in hot climate countries this foundation would be great because although it is in a cream format, it has a mattifying after element which keeps the foundation from dripping off your face after a long day.


Mineral Mud Mask and BB Cream

A good exfoliating mask is key for this time of year! Not only does it get rid of all the impurities that attacks your face on a daily basis, but they also rejuvenate the skin giving you that all rounded soft glow. This mask once applied stays on in clay form, and only needs to be on for 20 minutes before washing off. Natural ingredients such as Grape seed oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed oil, Aloe are included which is replacing all the nutrients your skin has lost in your busy daily life. Skin feels instantly smooth and firm after just one application.

Lami kindly gifted us with two BB creams. one in Dark and the other in medium. Dark is more my shade and with the current tan that I have from the indecisive sunny days we keep having, Dark definitely suits my tone and gives me a gorgeous glow! I apply only a pea sized over my face and add a little bit of bronzer and I am set for my day. Very natural yet keeps my face flawless all day long. This is perfect for all skin types and must be worn before your foundation (if you do plan to wear foundation) Very hydrating for the skin with very good coverage if you are trying to hide pigmentation or imperfections.

Thank you Lami!

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