Issues surrounding “black culture” and the deep rooted impact of misrepresentation and lack of diversity is not a new discussion. Throughout the African Diaspora, traces of a bitter history are still very poignant and the impact of imperialism has developed a damaging view of ourselves within ourselves. In the new video for her single Sacrifice, musician V V Brown contributes further to the debate.

Within the video, Brown is shown with deliberately lightened skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, a comment on the ways in which many feel the need to conform to the “white” standards of beauty. Before her is a TV screen on which an array of black history is presented, the history we are taught in our schools and depicted within the media, that of slavery, oppression and more recently, the portrayal or police brutality. Also included in this video is the ‘doll test’, were children are given a choice between a Black doll and a White doll and then asked to chose the one they prefer. This experiment was first tested in the early forties. Fifty years later and the results are still disturbing similar, the White doll is preferred.

This video acts as a loud voice amongst many. If art is a reflection of life, there is still much work to be done, much change that must still be effected.

Image via Thirsty Roots

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AUTHOR: Ama Badu (Senior Online Editor)

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