American film director of Nigerian descent, Rick Famuyiwa who worked on the film ‘Dope’ looks set to produce a forthcoming film for Disney called ‘Sade’. The African princess story comes hot on the heels of the successful blockbuster, Black Panther, produced by Disney which was a global hit.

Watch the trailer for one of Rick’s previous films Dope, below:

From the looks of things, Disney might be interested in working on stories originating from Africa, thanks to cinema lovers yearning for more African stories on the big screen. In order to maintain the story in its organic form, the studio has employed the additional services of Ola Shokunbi and Lindsey Reed Palmer to write the screenplay for the production, but, is yet to announce the director.

When a kingdom is on the verge of destruction due to an attack from a wicked villain, the only option is to mount a defence. Princess ‘Sade’ fought on behalf of her kingdom after she discovered mystical supernatural powers and an extra helping hand from the prince.

What do you make of Disney’s interest in African originated stories? Sound-off in the comment box below.

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