In many ways, this season’s Fashion Weeks are a bit like the first day of school (not simply because the fashion and academic year both conventionally start in the month of September). img_2810The anticipation of the spectators as they queue patiently for the show to start mirrors the apprehension of students assembled together at the being of a semester.img_2800

From London Fashion Week’s Apu Jan Show. This collection emphasised minimalism whist including details in the jacquard blue fabrics and the layered pleats.

Excited chatter fills the room (auditorium) as we eagerly await the magic that will take place on the runway. Yes, we the spectators become students, learning from the masters of fashion.img_2802


Dumpty for London Fashion Week. One of the three designers of this collection explained to us that the inspiration for this line came from inner peace and true happiness combined with former Dumpty works from Central Saint Martins (Art and Design College in London).

The uniformed cavalry of Burberry’s models (who, for the sake of our extended metaphor in academia, become prefects) will trickle down to the most humble of boutiques by the time their next collection is launched. The wild-western accessories adorning Roberto Cavalli’s head girls (again, symbolism for models) will soon be seen on women throughout the summer of 2017.img_2805

We fell in love with the layering and contrast of lace, velvet and other fabrics from the David Ferreira Show ( London Fashion Week)

As for us, the spectators, the students, the class of Spring Summer 2017, we simply sit (or stand if we are working as press) and absorb each pleat, accessory and detail. img_2811We love Fashion Week! We live for it and each season brings its own unique experiences as we study at the school of fashion.

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