Sensitive skin is the bogeyman of the beauty world and, like stress which incidentally, triggers sensitivity, it’s often declared the root cause of many of the ailments we suffer from today – rashes, spots, dryness and even premature ageing.

Rahel Yohannes is the founder of All Things Raydiant, a natural and vegan skincare brand with amazing on-demand products for sensitive skin. With her knowledge and experience as a nurse and having dealt with sensitive skin herself, her brand was created to formulate products suitable to cater for all skin types especially people who care about the ingredients in their skincare products. During our quick chat, she shared with me the journey that led up to becoming a skincare entrepreneur. She told me:

“I am a registered nurse with a passion for keeping myself and skin healthy. I’ve been making Shea and Cocoa body butters (whilst experimenting different oils) for myself and family for over five years as I have sensitive skin. During the lockdown, I had a few comments and questions from friends about my butters as they were unable to get the correct consistency. In the process of helping them, I was also helping myself and was able to do research into different oils and blends and decided to create products to sell.
Our ingredients are enriched with natural butters, extracts and oils, to create a perfect and safe moisturising method to rescue dry and dehydrated skin. All products are made in order to ensure maximum freshness and increase longevity in the mixtures of natural ingredients.”

All Things Raydiant has since then grown to become a natural skincare brand that has helped several people deal with sensitive skin with an armload of honest reviews to show for it. With an expansive product range, we hold no doubt that the brand will have something your skincare routine needs. To help you get started here’s all you need to know about these products.

  • Glow Away Serum: Infused in Calendula Flower, this serum effortlessly sinks into the skin leaving a velvet soft, non-sticky finish. Also enriched with rosehip and sea buckthorn oil to hydrate and brighten your skin, this product is incorporated with revitalising rose geranium and calming frankincense making it the perfect blend to relieve dry and irritated skin.
  • Bare Body Butter: This must-have skin food is blended with shea butter, mango butter and delicate oils (Jojoba and Apricot), which are packed with nutrients and vitamins that your skin will love. It is also naturally scented, with no added essential oil, making it the perfect blend for extra sensitive skin, children and pregnant people.

  • Raydiant Powdered Clay Mask: With the combined orange peel powder, L-Ascorbic acid, pomegranates and a number of other powders, this exfoliant was created to refresh and replenish the skin. It is waterless to maximise freshness, thus the end texture is in your court, mix with a liquid of your choice and create a bright and youthful glow!
  • Revive Hair Oil: This lightweight natural oil is infused with amla powder and hibiscus flower, which helps to strengthen the hair follicles. It also contains black seed, sesame and castor oil to help achieve healthier and stronger hair strands. Lemongrass and Rosemary essential oils were also included to help supply your hair and scalp with the necessary nutrients for growth.

Rahel says she created these products for women with sensitive skin because having dealt with sensitivity herself, it’s a niche she completely understands and is passionate about.

All Things Raydiant is a brand to watch as Rahel plans to expand its current reach and sell products in local stores and other online platforms. Shop these skin must-haves on and follow the brand on Instagram @allthingsraydiant