Young Malian author and filmmaker, Fasséry Kamissoko’s passion to tell stories using issues confronting people in different societies in Africa have seen him write, direct and produce a new short film titled Seventeen.

Seventeen illustrates the banalization of homophobia (recurrent homophobic remarks, impunity of homophobic acts, disempowerment of victims) and tackles the problems that non-normative sexual behaviours in West Africa faced in their daily lives. Belonging to a militant cinema, Seventeen is a punch against indifference, aiming to denounce the policy of repression led in Africa against young people because of their identities and sexual differences.

The film takes viewers through the dilemma accompanied by being a Homophobia in these regions, lack of acceptance from the masses and constantly being left with two decision – to either denounce it or continue to be who you are. According to Fasséry, several factors like protecting the actors and not having to fall into problems prevented him from making a lengthier version of the film.

Watch it below:

Image Source: Pixabay

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