She is King is a platform that networks creative professionals with the mindset of being outstanding and creating life changing opportunities. The aim of the network is to create opportunities and platforms for gifted and talented individuals, as well as those who value female empowerment, gender/racial equality and who just want to make a positive impact to society. Individuals with a entrepreneurial spirit can expect to  execute their visions and dreams through projects and professional help with marketing/media experts, mentors and business consultants as well as event organisers and many more.

In celebration of International Women’s day which was on March 8th, She’s King produced a short clip dedicated to celebrating sisterhood and the unbreakable bond. The video titled “Hey Sister Girl” aims to empower woman and uplift those as well as reminding us all that the responsibility we carry in uplifting should first start with those closest to us. She’s King reminds us that we should honour our sisters and take a moment to celebrate her every single day.


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