Putting together a classic album comes with getting your heart, body and soul completely involved and writing every song as if it was your last. With that mindset and the passion you move with, the end product will surely be celebrated everywhere. But while you may have a masterpiece, your marketing strategies need to be tight as that eventually determines how far your music spreads.

The trend at the moment is online marketing. Huge platforms like Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Bandcamp, Vimeo, Tidal, etc. are the main channels for promoting music but, what most musicians and promoters are forgetting is that some folks still enjoy the old way of marketing, i.e newspaper, direct distribution (one on one) and more.

Shekhinah gave us a taste of what she could do,if the market gives her the chance,when she gradually climbed her way into South Africa Idol. She released the ‘RoseGold’ album in 2017 with Columbia Records, from which the much enjoyed single ‘Suited’ came from. Both ‘Suited’ is now a certified platinum single and the entire album also certified gold.

As excited as she was, she broke the news to everyone on social media and here is what she wrote:

We made RoseGold in my home and now it streams all over the Globe (literally) Well done to a solid team thank you God and all the people who bought the album and supported the music always, we certified Gold and Platinum on The single

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