Sho Madjozi Gets Major Endorsement From John Cena, Missy Elliott, Others After 'A Colours Show' Debut.

African music is taking over every corner of the world, music enthusiasts are opened to new sounds, and the continent has been the centre of attraction and attention in recent years.

South African musician Maya Christinah Xichavo Wegerif, known on stage as Sho Madjozi went viral with new single John Cena, gaining maximum inspiration from the World Wrestling Champion.

Check out her performance below.

She released the song to the public when she appeared on A Colour Show. Her performance video was number on Youtube in South Africa and number 4 in Kenya. The song has so far caught the attention of John Cena, who showed her love with a post on his Instagram feed, she also received shout out from American rapper Missy Elliott, and her fans.

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