Beyond the River, starring Grant Swanby, Lemogang Tsipa and Israel Sipho Matseke Zulu, has been described as nothing short of epic, pure gold and beautifully shot by the International Community.

Requests for the movie transcends it’s shores as far as Belgium, Australia, Argentina, Britain and Tasmania. 

Beyond the River movie has been linked to a larger campaign being led by Heartlines, The Centre For Values Promotion. The campaign, called What’s Your Story, aims to use the movie as a starting point to tackle some of South Africa’s deepest divides.

The movie will be made available on DSTV’s Box Office from 24 June, and on DVD for rental or retail from mid-July.

“We have received several messages from international canoe clubs, expats as well as locals who didn’t manage to see the film in cinemas. Beyond the River tackles universal themes around trust, understanding and tolerance; we want to make it available to audiences far and wide.” Dr Garth Japhet, Heartlines CEO and Beyond the River Executive Producer said.

Inspired by the true story of two young men- Piers Cruickshanks and Siseko Ntondini, who together competed in one of the toughest river races, the Dusi Canoe Marathon, the widely-acclaimed locally produced film is an adventure drama, which highlights racial tension, inequality and social gaps in South Africa.

“We live in a world of stereotypes where we treat each other according to the opinions and assumptions that we make. Beyond the River is the perfect example of how, through getting to know each other’s stories, we can come together and break these stereotypes.”Dr Garth Japhet, Heartlines CEO and Beyond the River Executive Producer

Beyond the River will be available on Box Office for R 40 per download, and will retail in major stores, including Takealot and Loot, for R 159.99. It will also be available for rental from local DVD stores from 14 July.

It’s a must watch!


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