From radio DJ, TV Talkshow host to Netflix Stand-up Original, Tumi Morake has emerged as one of the most compelling women of our time, and now you can hear all about it.

Tumi Morake, an award-winning South African stand-up comedienne, television host and actress released her debut memoire, ‘And Then Mama Said’ in October 2018 to stellar reviews from critics and her unfiltered story is now available to download as an audio book. To add the cherry on top, the comedian has narrated the book by herself.

Morake also wears the hats of TV producer and writer; wife and mother of 3 and she easily navigates through all these dynamic aspects of her life while providing gems of wisdom to the 21st Century working Mom.

With three children in tow, not only did she cut her teeth as a writer on SABC’s flagship sitcoms and broke into television acting through those channels, she was soon dubbed as one of South Africa’s queens of comedy, headlining on local and international stages.

And Then Mama Said’ is a behind-the-scenes perspective chronicling the experiences that have shaped Tumi Morake and how she has modelled her public persona on her mother – a charming and contentious women who used her big voice to say what others were afraid to utter.  And it’s this voice that has guided her in her stand-up comedy career and the voice that gave her the courage to comment about apartheid on air.

“This isn’t my biography, but a collection of memories from my life.  I have shared some of the things that have made me resilient and shaped the persona of Tumi Morake.  I have often been asked to share my story and I thought what better way than by honouring the woman who made me who I am, my mother,” -comments Tumi Morake.

Throughout her story, she carries the voice of her mother, and with it the indispensable life lessons that made her who she is today.  She gets frank about the race row at Jacaranda FM; the Jaguar car accident that cyber bullies said she deserved; the body-shaming she endured on the set of Our Perfect Wedding; and her tumultuous relationship with her beloved husband.

It took me a long time to figure out how to tell this story, whether I should be comedic as would be expected or just share my honest perspective.  I looked back at how often me and my cousins would revert back to what my mother said growing up and I decided then to let that voice that is with me all the time to guide me in my book,” she adds.  “As a woman surrounded by women growing up, I am glad I was not surrounded one kind of thinking.  I developed a strong sense of who I am.  My love for my mother burns strong.  I wanted to be a living legend like she was when she was alive.  I miss her incredibly and the things she said to me have influenced my approach to life and its challenges.”

The book is published through Penguin Random House and is available at Exclusive Books, Bargain Books, Loot, Takealot and Reader’s Warehouse.

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