A great looking hat is always necessary is everyone’s closet, you would agree that a hat spices up any type of outfit. South African hat makers; Simon and Mary have released their latest ‘Safari‘ collection. The collection consist of universal tones perfect for whatever colour of outfit you decide to rock.

View the collection below:

simon and mary



simon-and-mary-19 simon-and-mary-18 simon-and-mary-17 simon-and-mary-16 simon-and-mary-15 simon-and-mary-14 simon-and-mary-13 simon-and-mary-12 simon-and-mary-11 simon-and-mary-10 simon-and-mary-9 simon-and-mary-7 simon-and-mary-8 simon-and-mary-6 simon-and-mary-5 simon-and-mary-4 simon-and-mary-3 simon-and-mary-2

For more info visit simonandmary.co.za


Agency: Jana and Koos

Photography : Travys Owen

Wardrobe designed by Gabrielle Kannemeyer, manufactured by Charis Dawson at Wilton Dawson

Casting : Gabrielle Kannemeyer

Hair, make up and grooming : Suaad Jeppie

Styling assistant : Sarah Hugo-Hamman
Photographic assistant : Luke Maritzikoff

Models – Nicolas Van Graan at Twenty Management, Caitlin Lamb at Ice Models, Siya Andi Biyela, Ciaran Slemon and Shakes Fatman.


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