It seems Make Artist Moshoodat Sanni and Joey Rosado of Island Boi Photography have found the perfect chemistry to bring out the African stories using photography.

The two have for sometime now worked on different photos using models in different body paints to tackle different issues confronting the world. In 2016, they broke the internet when they collaborated to shoot photos of black women covered in unique body paintings to showcase the beauty of the African. They also worked with Ericka Hart, a breast cancer survivor who created awareness by showing her scar in photos during the breast cancer month in the same year.

Moshoodat and Joey Rosado have come together again, this time telling the story of racial comments and abuse she suffered growing up in a neighborhood dominated by people of the other race who picture the blacks to be “Monkeys”. And, there came a time where some black folks had no choice than to deny their African roots just to be accepted into certain societies.

She has created the “Splat” photo series to talk against and takes her followers on the journey that gave black people a voice in certain places that were regarded as a no-go-zone for Africans. She commended the impacts African movies, Afro-beats music, Dance (Azonto), Food (Jollof) etc. have had on the people who use to see no-good in Africans.

Take a look at a photo from the “Splat” series and her message below:

“This image is a representation of how society finally embraces Nigerian (African as a whole) culture. Growing up it was definitely hard being African. I remember as a kid playing outside with my siblings and one of my brothers friends telling us “Y’all African so y’all eat monkey brain!” And of course the “African booty scratcher” line never got old! It reached a point where people used to walk around denying being from such an amazing continent. But when you deny your roots you deny yourself of your Royalties! Gone are those days thanks to Afrobeats, the African movies sold at the hair braiding shop,Your favorite tailor (whose probably African) , The Aznoto dance, and Jellof rice! Welcome to my new series titled #Splat!”

Photography: @islandboiphotography
Model: @nestreya
Concept / makeup/ painting: @moshoodat
Paint from: @michaelsstores


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