In Africa, and almost every part of the world, there are certain traditional milestones that you are expected to have achieved by the age of 30: a steady job, marriage, h children, and most of all, your own house or paid apartment. Actually, getting your first home was considered the near-universal initial step into adulthood…until recent times where the popular living arrangement for adults even over the age of 30 is living with their parents.

The usual reasons these 30-year-olds give for still living with their parents range from their inability to pay their own rent, they lost their job, just got divorced, or cannot afford their own home. While someone of them never move out at all (they remain from childhood till about 30), some leave and come back. And sometimes, they even live in their parent’s home with their significant other. Of course, there are situations where these 30-year-olds are being forced by their parents to remain in the family house in order to maintain or strengthen familial bonds, but those situations are one in maybe ten.

While this is common practice now, there is no denying that a lot of people view it as counter-productive. Think about it, why would a man or woman of voting age actually choose to live with his/her parents? He would have to conform to the dictates of his parents: No one of the opposite sex in the house, no drinking, curfew for 11 pm, chores before anything recreational and more. Basically, it’s not your roof, so your rules cannot apply. You have to obey your parent’s rules and show them respect as well as prove your maturity as the adult who is living with whatever accommodations they have in place for you. You also have to battle with a general lack of space which can lead to conflict and much frustration. In some extreme cases, parents can become very demanding and controlling of the adult’s life while under their roof, causing a more complicated relationship between the parent and their now, adult child

On the other hand, living at home does not have to be all bad. There are some positives: Firstly, at least you have parents who are happy to house you until you get a job or work out what you’re doing with your life; Secondly, you have the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with their parents – you can use your spare time with them to talk, rather than just going straight up to your room and scrolling through Instagram until your phone runs out of battery. Even more, you can save a lot of money from rent, utility bills, renovations, shared grocery bills and a lot more. Actually, some people consider it a smart financial move. For instance, if you have just graduated and can’t find a job, you are out of a job and struggling to pay your debts or you are facing financial problems, living with your parents could be your answer to saving money on everyday expenses. It could basically serve as a stopgap arrangement until you get back on your feet!

Clearly, there are pros and cons of still living with your parents at 30, and not all who opt for the option should br shame. No? Plase let us know your thoughts. And if you are 30 and still living with your parents, please share your experience with us!


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