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Levi Aurelio

On this week’s edition of style maven, our spotlight is on style influencer King Dapper AKA Levi Aurelio. King Dapper is the founder and CEO, Fancy Fashion Week. During our chat with him, he shared very insightful tips on how you can adapt your tuxedo for every event!

The first and essential step is to analyze which environment you are dressing for. What does the environment require, if it is an open or closed environment? A classic event or a lounge cocktail party.

Black tie event gala/ weddings

The cut should be checked, (styling) so that the tuxedo has a trim perfect for your body. Pants with the correct length and shoes also play its role in complementing this look.

What will differentiate your tuxedo according to the occasion is: fabric texture, and the elements that complement it, such as shoes, ties, shirts, pocket Square.

For a classic environment

For this classic environment, the tip is to enhance the details. Opt for a cufflink or a bowtie for an occasion like this with a modern touch. This mixture of fabric texture makes your look more interesting and full of attitude.

The modern can also be a great, it makes the look is full of attitude and personality, color compositions with some contrasts creates harmony.

Essential parts

  • Tuxedo suit with correct styling to your body type.
  • Pocket square cufflink shirt


Essential parts

  • Tuxe collar shirt
  • A watch
  • A leather bracelet can take your look out of formality.

Emphasizing that for this event, colors help as a way of fun! When we use colors we are more open to socializing.

Lounge cocktail party

Essential parts

  • Slim tuxedo, with a sharper cut.
  • Tailored pants or even a fabric like slim twill takes off the classic look and conveys modernity.
  • Informal shoes.

Remembering that fabrics with textures have the power to give an up!

Turtle collar sweater

This is a wild piece in my most casual compositions. Here I play with the texture of the tuxedo, and the mix of texture of the shoes.

On colder days, accessories can make a difference. The monochromatic look can be a great option for men who want to lengthen their structure (silhouette).


King Dapper is currently under the management of The Gravity Media and was awarded the ‘Influencer of the Year’ award in 2019. Did you find his styling tips helpful? Follow him on Instagram for more @sir.king_dapper


  • All suits by Henry Couture Paris
  • Text by Jessy Consultoria, from Brasil
  • Photos by IIian Ahmed


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