Do you ever see yourself rocking any of your parents outfits from back in the day? Well Nigerian singer Temi Doll Face apparently cannot get enough of her ‘hand me downs’. Whether is straight from her grandma’s closet or drawing inspiration from her mother’s old school style


In this image for example, Temi said…


”Sadly, there is no photographic evidence that this apron used to belong to my Grandma. All I have are the memories of her making “Melting Moments” in it while I, of course, would sit and gorge myself on the batter. (Yes! I was the kid that ate all the pies & biscuits). My mother bought it for her in a linen shop by the hay market in Florence in 1978. Fast forward 35years, the loss of its buttons & it still came in handy for the #PataPata video in 2013 with some help from these charming little ladybird broaches.



Check out Temi rocking other fab vintage accessories






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