Chi-Raq star Teyonah Paris loves to embrace her beautiful natural hair all time. Photographed by Ashley Nguyen, the young Hollywood starlet oozes a nice combo of sexiness and class for Sharp Magazine



Teyonah was also very candid for the publication’s ‘Would You Rather’ Interview.’ Check out the excerpts below:

Teyonah-Parris 4

Would you rather explore an unknown area of the world or invent something?

Oh. That’s hard. I’m going to say explore. Oh! I don’t know, that’s tough. Okay, today I’m going to say explore.

Would you rather be able to teleport or read minds?

Oh man! Teleport. I’d go anywhere I wanted to.

Teyonah-Parris 7

Would you rather be fluent in every language and never travel, or always travel but never be able to understand anyone?

Travel and not understand the language. There’s always that human aspect that helps you communicate with people no matter what.

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