Friendships are perhaps the most important relationships we have in our lives. We all want to surround ourselves with a solid group of friends that are ride or die – that we can have fun with, discuss intimate stuff with and will be there for us when life gets too much. But do you have great people around you? Here are the three types of friends you have, how to spot them and what they will mean for your life:


(1) The leaves

Okay, so first of all, imagine life is like a tree. Some of your friends are like the leaves. They are on the peripheral of your friendship circle. They are fun to hang out with but they are not permanent. When things get a little bit tough they will literally blow away. Have fun with these type of people, don’t give them too much of yourself and don’t worry when the friendship comes to a natural end. These people are in your life only for a season.

(2) The branches

From the outset, these types of friends seem permanent and unbreakable. They are there for you, you perhaps share romantic relationship problems with, you break bread, you have a few Whatsapp groups in common. But when it comes to the crunch, when the chips are really down these branches break. They are there for the fluff but not for the hard stuff. They can handle a couple of tough moments but when the chips are down they will go quietly. Be warned, the way branches grow back they will come back. Just don’t trust them.

(3) The Roots

These are not always the people that have been around the longest but are the ones who value your friendship and really give it they’re all. They are there for you in the toughest times and are really rooted in your friendship. They are strong and stable and can help you weather any storm. Rely on these friends. Turn to them in tough times, and, above all, be that person for your friends too.

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