Selfie is an art, true. Everyone else think it is easy until they’ve tried it, then choose one out of the twenty-something other tries and fails. Today, the internet is all about pictures; seeing is believing after all.

Here are 10 tips to pull off the perfect selfie act.


  1. You do not need to be a professional photographer to get the perfect lighting for your selfie. Natural light is usually the best. Even seen photos with the caption and hastag #sunkissed? Good. You can also take advantage of the natural light in the car; even with the back camera, you can still that smile seeing your image in the rear-view mirror.
  2. For photos indoors, get a lamp right under your face since you won’t be using the back camera with the flash that might eventually blind your eyes for 2-secs. Want to be dramatic? Get a fan to recreate the wind blowing your hair… definitely with a tidy background.


  1. Use a high quality phone camera!
  2. Hold the camera above your head. We don’t want to see your nostrils with your actual face blurred in the background. If the camera is within the same length of your face or below, tilt your head down bit.
  3. With the camera a bit above your head, there is an artsy feel to your selfie and a teasing reveal of your outfit.


  1. You need to be comfortable in front of your camera. If you’re unsure about your pose, get in front of the mirror and imitate your poses. Better still, get the camera in front of a mirror source .
  2. Do not pout!! It is primitive. Do not breathe in hard. Be natural. An image reflects the exact object anyway. You wouldn’t want your selfie to look forced and over-rehearsed, would you?
  3. Practice your pose privately, or with a your Real MVP (Most Valuable Player). You wouldn’t want everyone else thinking you’re vain.


  1. STOP over-filtering your photos! Please [pushes seat back and kneels begging] STOP! We want to see who you truly are, your beauty. A little sharpening, a little contrast, a little shadow occasionally is fine, we can handle that, but not the obvious filter that blurs some parts of your face and sharpens others. PET PEEVE ALERT!
  2. Go for a retro look with a black and white filter, or give your selfie a warm, cool look with a fuzzy golden filter


  1. [Biting on my nail] Enough of the picture collages with one same image. No! We do not want to see plenty yous in that one same pose.
  2. Try out a collage with different poses, even balanced with an inscription, or balanced with anything other than your image. Trust me, it is nicer that way.


  1. Have you realized celebrities and accounts with 10K and more followers hardly use hashtags? So why do you complain about no LIKES on your Instagram and FACEBOOK selfie photo uploads? Pfft!
  2. Hashtags are like a blueprint to generating more followers and acquiring more LIKES.
  3. Use the right hashtags ie. #selfienation #nofilter #tbt etc


I hope this was hopeful.


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