In the past few months we have seen all kinds of madness unfolding in America, from police shootings of innocent black civilians to violent protests erupting across the states. In light of this the girls from the Heels Off web series gave us their thoughts on police brutality and the #BlackLivesMatter movement in an empowering new episode.
The girls got together to find out what the movement means for the black community in the UK and talked about whether celebrities are representing the crisis well enough and to answer the question ‘why black lives matter and not all lives matter?

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The girls wasted no time in giving us a whirl wind of opinions surrounding the movement. Oloni stated passionately that “black lives matter is a movement that needs to be recognised, the term all lives matter is disgusting and rude and dismissive.” the girls agreed believed that “If your saying all lives matter it shows you don’t care.”

With Obamas recent speech where he was cut off half way between discussing the movement, the girls said that the movement is being Limited by the media, and although celebrities should be doing their bit to promote the issue we cannot look to them as our saviours. We ourselves need to stand up for what we believe in. We need to channel our anger to create positive change. Stop complaining and actually do something about it, teach ourselves and our and not to seek validation from anyone but themselves. Stop living in a bubble and be the change.

After Mercedes was caught up in the July BLM protest in London she was felt a strong sense of unity and that this issue is affecting her as a black woman. She said “It has to be more than hashtags and online conversations, I felt this overwhelming presence of solidarity. I am black, this is an issue for people like me. This is a skin colour issue.”
Overall I do strongly think Black Lives Matter is important, we need this movement in order to create a dialogue and show people in power that something needs to be done about American law. Finally people are standing up for the injustice projected towards black communities. However although this movement is necessary its easy to get lost in the crowd and not concentrate on the individual. In order to make the change we need to concentrate on ourselves in order to educate and understand that this issue is a much wider one especially in America. Only then will we be able to educate others and see changes. Protests will happen – but lets keep them peaceful. Be the change. There needs to be a plan and strategy of how things are going to change laws and legislations.

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Its a massive topic guys and one that cannot simply be summarised in one blog post.
What do you think, did you guys go the march? what was it like?
What does BLM mean to you and do you think ‘all lives matter’ is simply ignorant?

Let us know.



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