Skincare can be complicated, especially for women of colour. We often have to try different products and brands before we find the one that glorifies our black beauty.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a melanin skincare bible? The one place to shop for all your skincare products and get amazing skin care tips. You can find natural products from different brands that cater to major skincare concerns such as: hyperpigmentation, dark spots, eczema, dehydration, acne, dull skin (Vitamin D deficiency), oiliness, uneven texture and so on.

Well this is Santa season and we are granting wishes! We’ve found an amazing brand that operate on 4 Es:

Educate you on your skin type and skincare

Ease your shopping experience

Enhance your confidence in and out

Ethical products chosen and sold through Rich Skxn

Best thing is, all products found on Rich Skxn have amazing reviews, they have been thoroughly researched, tested and curated for all skin
types. Rich Skxn is your Ultimate Skincare Bible! You will leave feeling more educated and confident about your appearance and skincare.

According to the founder;

I love to promote self love and a healthy lifestyle because I was once a young lady who couldn’t walk out of the house without makeup and lived a very unhealthy lifestyle;

What helped me was reading encouraging words, books, changing my diet and staying consistent with my skincare.

This significantly improved my appearance, confidence and lifestyle. I want to provide the same for Rich Skxn (RS) community.

Products sold through Rich Skxn are for everyone –  mothers, children, wellness chicks, professionals, young girls and grown women.

Head over to “Skin school”, a section on their website, it educates people what to consider when purchasing products, how to get and maintain healthy glowing skin, and so much more.

Here are some of their best selling products:

Ultimate face serum 

Ultimate Face Serum by Rich Skxn

This lightweight dark spot serum is great for removing hyperpigmentation, acne scars and evening skin tones.

Be transcendent mini glow pack

Be Transcendent Mini Glow Pack by Rich Skxn

This is an easy 3 step routine, cleanser, toner, moisturiser. There is one for every skin type, dry/normal, oily, and combination.

Botanycl Vitamin D3

Botany-cl Vegan Vitamin D3 by Rich Skxn

The perfect capsules for anyone with dull skin and for those who are prone to vitamin D deficiency.

You know we are all about the Glam life, so get on board with Rich Skxn and get your glow on!

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