As we celebrate women’s month in South Africa and as Glam Africa magazine, we cannot overlook the crucial and landmark decision taken by the National Assembly speaker Baleka Mbete to finally hold a motion of no confidence via secret ballot.

This is one woman who will be remembered in the history of South Africa and this decision could not have come at a more prominent time in the year. One thing that Mbete’s legacy will include is the decision she announced during women’s month and the outcome of that decision. Is it perhaps the memory of the 20 000 women that marched for all women in 1956 that has encouraged this surprising act.

(AP Photo/Denis Farrell)

As media gathered on the 1st August, Mbete told her audience that what was crucial was the voice of the people and their confidence in democracy and parliament. We wait anxiously for the result that will emerge from secret ballot vote. The vote which will be taken today, 8th August 2017, has the streets of Cape Town alive, packed and brimming with protests.


But one thing that cannot be denied, Baleka Mbete is one of the most beautiful and African-culture-style-inspired women in leadership in South Africa and most importantly she knows how to rock a doek. We could even take it as far as to say she has kept the African doek trend alive in the public eye. Imagine a world where more women in leadership positions would adorn themselves with African inspired trends and fashion.






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