1978862_572024362935572_545575140267001662_nThe Ultimate Beauty Pageant 2015 is officially ready for all to take part.

The Ultimate Beauty Pageant invites Winners from various pageants past and present to compete amongst each other to be crowned The Ultimate Beauty Pageant.

Winning The Ultimate Beauty Pageant is the first step they have to go beyond the crown . The Pageant is aimed to get a once in a life time opportunity to embark on the journey to encourage, empower, and enlighten, communities, states, and nations. These young women are a rising voice in the community that seek to make a difference to the traditional world of pageantry.

The Ultimate Beauty Pageant will go on to compete in Miss Royal International in the USA. The Ultimate Beauty Pageant is the only pageant in the UK that leads to Miss Royal International in the USA!
Royal Miss international is about Empowering young women while giving them the opportunity to grow and develop a positive self-image.

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