Forget about what colour #thedress is, it’s gone beyond that now. Let’s update you;

The Salvation Army took “The Dress,” (#TheDress) which had become so popular in the news of late, and used it as the backdrop to ask the question on Twitter, “Why is it so hard to see black and blue?” That question was followed by the bold statement, “The only illusion is if you think it was her choice. One in 6 women is a victim of domestic violence. Stop abuse against women.”

The dress that caused millions of social media users to reconsider their knowledge in recognizing colors has now been adopted by the Salvation Army for the focus of its latest anti-domestic violence campaign.

What do we think about this? We think it’s an excellent and clever campaign strategy, using a global trend of such magnitude to bring to our awareness something we’ve overlooked as a people, generally speaking.




Source: Daily Mail UK

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