This month, Netflix has added these 5 Nollywood films to the ever-growing slate of Nigerian films on the service. These exciting new additions are now available for streaming and are totally worth your time.

Check out the list below;

Up North

Up North explores love, friendship, and family politics, all of which collide, when a young rebellious heir from a wealthy family is sent away to National Service in Northern Nigeria. Things don’t quite go according to plan as the spoiled heir begins to find himself, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Accidental Spy

A “Tech Savvy” Nigerian becomes entangled in a reality show mixup with Nigerian’s most infamous Cartel…without even realizing it.

In My Country

A woman desperate to raise money for an expensive surgery on her eight-year-old daughter turns to a man linked to her past for help. Unleashing a series of events that kick-start an unfortunate chain of plots, and unearthing a shocking secret that changes things for the worse.

New Money

The movie tells the story of a young girl, who goes from being a shop girl to a billionaire after her father leaves her his empire to run.


A woman’s journey to motherhood sets off a thrilling cross-country adventure in this action story.

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