Two fashion loving entities have partnered to release an editorial that is simple yet gorgeous. The union formed between Lagos based Pret-a-porter womenswear brand, Nola Black and budding creative and blogger Sandra Afamefuna birthed the first set of designs called Things of Me. 

Photographed by the renowned photographer, Asamaige Ogaga it throws more light onto the daily life of Sandra whilst also allowing her creative freedom to style two Nola Black pieces from the previously released SS18 collection “Olokun”.

Staged on a wooden set, she is pictured in two Nola Black outfits that encapsulate the ethos of the brand – quirky, modern and emotional. Nola Black is excited to present this collaboration featuring visuals with a fresh warm feel, with triple and expressive pieces. This editorial serves to draw a similarity between multilateral women creatives always looking for new ways to express themselves.