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With the ever-changing dynamics of our world, indoors has become the new outside, and this unexpected shift has forced us to find new and creative ways to socialize, and more importantly, get work done.

Remote working has become the new normal and organizations are pushing forward with content and strategy meetings entirely online. But the fact that we’re all working from home now doesn’t mean we can’t show up for digital meetings looking and feeling our best. So, we’ve put together a quick and easy makeup routine that we think is perfect for your next conference call.

You’ll want to start this look off with a completely clean face. Wash your face with clean, warm water or use wipes to clean your face.

Apply serum and moisturizer (whichever works best for your skin), then apply makeup primer. Primer helps makeup sit easier and last longer. Simply dab some onto your fingertips to apply it.

Put on a light foundation. A thin even layer of foundation will work to smooth out your skin and give it a uniform appearance.

Using your concealer, apply under the eye, forehead, nose, and jaw and blend in.

Thicken your natural eyebrows using your eyebrow thickener or pencil to make them appear fuller.

Choose a subtle color from your eyeshadow pallet, since it’s a work meeting you don’t want to look overly dramatic, blend in to give a natural eye look.

Make your eyes pop with a little eyeliner and mascara to make the lashes thicker and fuller. Add lip color or gloss. Just like your eyeshadow, you will have to choose between natural-looking lip colors.

For digital meetings, it is best to go with neutral pinks and browns that are closest to your natural lip color.

Voila! You’re good to go.


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