It came. I saw. It CONQUERED! This years Hip hop Fashion Week Paris was a hit and like nothing I have ever seen before! With designers coming from all across the globe and artist popping in (including the likes of Young Paris) it was an event not to be missed.



Stylists such as Wotrance, Au Pays des Bandits, Brigitte Mirault, Jaad Lingerie, Charlie Robs, KMN Creations, and several other independent French designers were all present. With designs featuring a unique take on street fashion  to be showcased, this was indeed a la mode experience.


Noticeably unique to the show was the intense hip hop and modern dance choreography that took place on the runway, led by the artistic direction of Ms. Guise Dragon. Recently I was able to catch up with the shows director and brain-child, Adliha Béa and here is some of what she had to say.

Greetings dear! Congratulations on the show. It was both interestingly creative and original. Was Paris ready for the first annual HHFW ?

I don’t think so. But that’s a good thing. My aim was in blowing people’s mind with HHFW, giving hip hop’s spirit a rebirth. It’s a first for the whole world actually. Good things take time. We took the very first step so now the bomb is launched.

Was your concept conveyed well by your audience? Did they understand what you were trying to achieve?

Creativity is something you have to respect because of the vision and the work behind [it] but it may not be appreciated or understood [by all at the time of its execution].



[In retrospect] how do you feel it was received?

It depends. Hip hop purists were curious. Hipsters weren’t too concerned in the beginning and the press was shocked! But nobody can say it was not interesting creative and original.


Will there be a second edition of HHFW?

Of course! Why would we be holding this interview if otherwise? I’m not a one-shot woman, babe. It’s international so its a concept that is going to cross the seas. To be frank, I’m already working on it. HHFW/16 will be more creative [with more surprises]. Keep following us.



Will it remain in Paris?

I will tell you everything at the beginning of [next year], that’s a promise. Before that HHFW is setting up something for the press to celebrate Christmas. Yes it will remain in Paris. Be careful because it maybe the last time in Paris for several years.

So you heard it form GA first, watch this space because HHFW will be back with fierce vengeance.

AUTHOR: Shaun Ollison

I am your American sister, living in Paris and working throughout Europe, Africa, and the US. My job is to report fashion, culture, and lifestyle abroad. And I am MOST excited to do so! But before we start, allow me to introduce myself and share a bit of my story with you.

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Images by Jean Louis Blerol


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