Growing an afro  needs lots of patience and commitment.

Follow these basic tips to make growing an afro a bit easier.

Ditch the comb

Try to stay away from combs and rather groom your curls and puff them out. You can also use a pick to help detangle your curls and keep the afro in good shape. Conventional combs will disrupt the shape and health of your curly hair.

Get the right trim

In order to grow your afro you  need to start with your hair at the same length all around. This means that you must get a haircut for your curly hair that has any disparities in hair length corrected. This way, you will get used to having an even hair length all around and will also have freshly grown healthy hair to boot once you reach your afro length!

Keep it moisturised

Keep  your hair moisturised all the time and try to cut down on shampoo frequency to less than 3 times per week, avoiding hairbrushes and conventional combs, and making sure you use a conditioner while avoiding gels and hair sprays.


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