Being a solo traveler has it’s pros and cons. The pros? Complete freedom, to be in your space and enjoy your adventure.

There’s no drama, you’re likely to make new friends, you’ll have to make your own decisions, helping you become more confident, assertive and decisive as a result. There’s nothing like over coming some obstacles and knowing you did it without leaning on someone else to make you feel stronger.

The con? How are you supposed to get bomb pictures for Instagram? I don’t know about you but getting those Instagram perfect pictures are super important during vacations. It’s like a complete package, travel solo, have fun and still has have awesome pictures. In case you are a solo traveler, here are some tips that can help;

Tip 1: Make sure you have a Good camera

This isn’t really a tip, it’s more like a rule of law. If you don’t have a good camera, kiss goodbye to good pictures.

Tip 2: Be Kind

Yes, you read right, be kind! Be on the look out for couples or any individual desperate for a photo and offer to take it for them. Once you’ve taken their photo, they’ll suggest returning the favor with gladness. Why? They understand the struggle and are probably touched by your ‘kindness.’ It’s all about strategy..

Tip 3: Befriend someone

Befriend one person in your tour group. This will make it easier to ask them to take a photo of you. When deciding who to pick, look for someone who always meets your gaze with a smile. Pay attention to see if they carry around a modern camera. This could mean that they understand the basics in photography.

Tip 4: Take several shots

It usually takes at least 100 shots to get 1 that is Insta worthy. Where’s the lie? Here’s the tip, don’t burden one person with a photoshoot session. That’s not why they are traveling. Just keep going with different people till you get the right shot, you know what they, say variety is the spice of life. That way, you make new friends and get good pictures.

I know, you’re welcome!

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